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Supplier & Vendor File Management - Excel Template - Windows Only

Supplier & Vendor File Management - Excel Template - Windows Only

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The "Coffee Break - Automation Solutions - Supplier / Vendor File Management Macro 1.0" is a powerful workbook designed to automate file management tasks, such as copying, moving, or deleting files into specific supplier/vendor folder locations. Rather than manually adding each supplier report to the supplier's folder / SharePoint everytime, simply run the macro and have the system recognize which supplier folder the report should go to. It does this by referencing the file name. By automating these tasks, you can save valuable time and focus on more important work, leaving more time for coffee breaks!
This template allows you to process files for up to 30 vendors at once.

Instructional video will be coming soon on how to use the macro - till then please follow the instructions on the instructions tab.

NOTES: This template will work with Windows computers and will not work with Apple computers!!!

Disclaimer: Always backup your files before using new software. Coffee Break Solutions brews up solutions, not liabilities!
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